Independence Day

Happy 98th birthday to Finland! 😀

A cloudy day, no rain but pretty strong winds, +4 C. I started the day by going to a market at a school. Hundreds of people in a small space. Difficult to see what they were selling.

On my way to the market I took photos of the creature in the first picture. It’s made of fir tree branches, over a wooden structure. It was built on November 28 and will stay there until January. It’s very tall, several meters! The largest in Finland.

At the market square I also took a blurry picture of the Finnish flag. It’s zoomed in quite a lot.

On my way home I noticed a little flood. I had to cycle on the grass to get around it. It’s the little pond close to home that’s got a little too much water…

In the afternoon I went back to the market square to listen to two men choirs singing songs. A few speeches were also made. The event ended with everyone singing the national anthem. Difficult to take pictures in the dark.

At home, the cat wanted to take a look at the elevator. It sometimes does that when I get home. As I had the camera I decided to take a few pictures of it. 🙂

The final picture shows the two candles that were burning in the window between 6 pm and 7 pm. That’s a tradition.

It’s also tradition to watch the ball from the president’s palace. He invited about 1800 people to dance, eat and drink.

Finnish independence day is much about honoring and remembering the veterans from the wars. Most of them are now in their 90s and they are the first ones to enter the palace when they open the doors at 7 pm. All the guests arrive in a queue, shaking hands with the president and his wife.

They are still showing live from the president’s palace, but now I am going to watch a movie.




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