Knitting socks

Today I started to knit a pair of socks for my niece. 🙂 Mum started to knit a pair for one of my nephews, my sister’s middle child. No surprise who will knit faster. I have never finished a pair of socks… Mum has made several pairs. This time I will try, but I am sure I am going to have problems knitting the heel. We’ll see. Maybe I will watch some Youtube videos about knitting socks. It’s weird that my 10 year old niece has nearly my shoe size! She has 34, I have 35. My thirteen year old nephew (who will get mum’s knitted socks) has a 37, but boys have bigger feet, so no surprise there.

So fun that Kimi Raikkonen finished the Formula 1 season with a podium finish! 😀 Several months until the next race… 😦

I am watching a movie on TV. But it’s irritating that they have the news in the middle of the movie, so there is a gap of 15-20 minutes or more. I am writing this as I wait for the movie to continue. I knit the sock while I watch the movie. It’s a great way to keep me awake. If I didn’t knit or do anything else I would probably fall asleep.

The last week or so I have been searching the photo albums in the house for pictures of the cats. I have had three cats, Niki included. I had no pictures of Niki as a kitten on the computer, because we didn’t have a digital camera when he was born. I am not even sure anyone had a digital camera 15 years ago.

Anyway, I have now scanned a lot of the pictures of the three cats and today I created a photo book! 😀 My fourth photo book! I haven’t ordered it yet, because I need to go through it again and correct any misspellings.

Time to continue watching the movie and knit a sock! 😀




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