The Walk

Tonight I decided to go to the cinema. I made up my mind pretty late, because it was so rainy and cold earlier in the day and dark as well. The sun goes down early in the afternoon these days. But I made it in time to the cinema before the movie started.

I watched “The Walk” based on a true story, about a French guy walking on a wire between the WTC twin towers. It was really thrilling and funny too. So I am happy that I went to the cinema.

The number of people watching the movie tonight: 1! I was all alone in the cinema! Well, others were watching the James Bond movie in the room next door (I could hear a little from the film while I waited for a guy to let me in), but no one else wanted to watch The Walk. It was kind of fun being alone. No one was bugging me with whispers or opening plastic bags with candies or eating chips.

I will see if I can find the book that the French guy wrote about his adventure. But I don’t think it is in the library. Maybe online. I will for sure search the internet to read about the real guy that walked from one tower to the other.

No rain in the evening, so I was dry when I came home, just in time to watch the final episode for the season of the Swedish Hollywood wives. 🙂 The seasons are always so short though. They could have longer seasons with more episodes.

Better get to bed now. It’s getting late.


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