Dark and rainy

Outside it’s cold, dark and rainy. I am waiting for the snow, but it doesn’t seem to come… Snow is more fun than rain.

Last night I watched live on Internet when Daniel Radcliffe got his Walk of Fame star! 😀 I have started to get used to seeing him without hair, but I hope he lets his hair grow out now. He seemed very happy last night. 🙂

Another Formula 1 weekend. But I am not so interested anymore. It’s just the same ones on the podium. Kimi has had some really awful luck in the past races. I really hope he will have good luck this weekend.

A few days ago I ordered next years wall calendar. 12 pictures of the cat! 😀 (Well, 13 pictures with the cover too). They have already made it and it’s on it’s way. Hopefully it arrives soon. The post offices might start striking next week.

Soon I’ll have to go out into the dark cold rainy weather to go to work.

How fun that it’s Friday today! 🙂


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