Cat pictures

DSCN0877 DSCN0879 DSCN0889 DSCN0822

Random pictures of the cat since the computer broke down. He likes sleeping in the closet in his own little transport box. As I was taking pictures of him he woke up and yawned just as the camera took a picture. He looks stupid with his tongue out! 😀 We have a pink towel in the box to make it more comfortable for him.

The third picture is a blanket he got on his birthday in March. It’s blue on one side and beige on the other side. Back then he didn’t want to sleep on it, so I put it away for months. Now he has it on the floor in the living room and he really likes it now. Especially he likes to crawl under it so only the head or a leg or the tail is showing! 🙂

In the fourth picture mum was packing to go to Sweden for a week. The cat wanted to come with her. 😉 But he couldn’t go…


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