Another computerless day

Still no word about the computer. 😦 Looks like this will go on until Monday at least. The repair shop is open a few more hours today but I don’t think they will call today.

I am at the library now. I just registered 7 postcards that I got yesterday! 😀 That’s the record for me.

Later in the afternoon me, mum and my sister with two of her kids (her husband and oldest son is out of town for a soccer game) will go to a pizza place where they have much more than pizzas. I will probably eat chicken wings. I haven’t been there for a very long time, so it’s going to be fun to see what they have there. Ice cream (sundae) for dessert, of course!

The internet site that I checked wrote that the free practice session would start at 5 am and the qualifying at 8 am. Well, I had my alarm clock to wake me up shortly before 5 am. I turned on the TV and noticed that the practice really started at 6 am! And the qualifying at 9 am! So I put the alarm clock back on and slept for another hour. 🙂 What a shame that there was a big crash with Kvyat in the end of the qualifying. Kimi didn’t have a chance to drive his second fast lap. He starts 6th tomorrow.

Just saw a super cute image of Robin Raikkonen in a mini-Ferrari outfit!! 😀 Kimi was sitting on the floor and Robin (with his back to the camera was standing before Kimi.

My niece was happy for the crocheted doll that she got back yesterday. She would take it with her today when they go for a visit to my grandmum, which they usually do almost every Saturday.

I got an order for two more of those crocheted dolls! My sister-in-law would like me to make one each for her two small nieces (the daughters of her brother). One light blue and one green. So I will have plenty to crochet before Christmas. I think I will make a few clothes for those dolls as well, but may be not as many as I did for my own niece.

I think I will go to some shop and see if I can find some more yarn so I don’t run out of it.


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