Happy Birthday to me! :D

My birthday is today! 😀

A perfect birthday gift would be to get my computer back. But it may be broken beyond repair… 😦 If it is, 5000+ photos will be lost forever… So I really hope the computer repair guys find a solution and can fix it. They would call when it’s ready or at least when they know if it can be repaired or not.

I quit work a little earlier today. Now I am a regular customer in the library, using the computer here.

I will get some birthday guests tonight, so I will soon go home and get ready.

This weekend they are driving F1 in Japan. I missed the first free practice, because I simply forgot that it comes very early in the morning. The second practice I could not watch because I had to get ready for work. I must see what time they are driving tomorrow. Apparently it is rainy, so that is not good for Kimi. But who knows what will happen.

Today my niece will get her crocheted doll back when she comes for my b-day celebration. I finished a vest for the doll early this morning. I have taken pictures of the doll and the clothes and I will post the pictures here whenever I get the whole computer thing solved. I cannot upload pictures when I am using the computer in the library.

Well, I’d better go home now. See if I have received any PostCrossing postcards today…


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