There are a lot of small explosions going on around town tonight when it is the end of the summer cottage season… 😦 They are allowed to have fireworks and similar small explosives from 6 pm to 2 am. The fireworks will probably start when it gets dark so you can see them in the sky.

The animals don’t like the fireworks. 😦 My brother’s dogs are scared, my sister’s dog is probably scared too and my cat don’t like them either, especially not later when there are more of them.

I just came home from my sister’s house. I went there with mum and later my sister-in-law and nephew came. My brother is working on the ship again. No one from my sister’s family were home though… They are at a summer cottage with some friends. They could not take the dog Albin with them, so mum is going to sleep in the house tonight, with Albin as company. 😉 I hope Albin wants to go out tonight. May be mum has to go a shorter distance with him, because of the fireworks, or then she goes earlier, when there is not so much explosions around.

I am happy to be home with the cat.

Once again Usain Bolt got three gold medals from the world championships. 😀 How boring it will be when he retires after the Olympics… He has said he will retire then, but who knows? May be he continues.


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