Kimi Raikkonen

Best news today!! Kimi continues in Formula 1 with Ferrari 2016!!! 😀 I didn’t want to believe it was true until Ferrari confirmed it on their website. 🙂

Now the journalists can stop bugging him about questions like that. It will be interesting to see Kimi in Spa this weekend. It’s his favorite circuit and his contract has just been extended. I am not expecting miracles. But I am sure Kimi will be happier than he usually is. May be smile a little bit more on the pit lane. 😉

I might not be able to watch the free practice sessions on Friday though. 😦 I have to go to my brother’s house tomorrow and on Friday to be with my nephew while the parents are working.

I hope they will have some reruns of the practice sessions, but I’m not sure. Saturday and Sunday I am not going to miss any Formula 1 and that is for sure!

Another warm and sunny day. I wouldn’t mind if it got cooler now, more autumn like weather…

Better go to bed now. I have to wake up early tomorrow. It takes a while to go with the bicycle to my brother’s house.


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