Warm day

My poor cat had a rough weekend. šŸ˜¦ But he is pretty much back to normal again. šŸ™‚ I had to sleep in my brother’s house between Friday and Saturday. I went back home on Saturday morning and mum said that the cat didn’t want to eat or drink. And you could see that he wasn’t feeling well. We almost immediately knew it was because he could not do “number 2” in the litter box. Mum went to visit her mum as she does almost all the Saturdays. I was home with the cat. I got him to drink water and I went to the drug store to get some medicine thatĀ would help the cat.

I had to go back to the dogs around 1 pm, because they needed to go out for a walk. It’s not nice leaving a sick cat home alone, but I had to go… Mum came home around 3 pm so it was just a couple of hours that the cat had to be alone. But I came home again around 6 pm. Then we gave theĀ medicine to the cat. He drank quite a lot of water (may be he had traces of the medicineĀ in his mouth and wanted to get rid of it!)Ā and we got him to eat a little butter as well during the day, but not much else.

In the evening the cat used the litter box to pee a little, but no number 2. Sunday morning the cat was able to do both things, but it was quite messy and it got stuck to the fur around his butt. We ended up having to wash the cat’s butt in the sink. The tail and the back legsĀ got wet too.Ā That was not a success! šŸ˜‰ He hated it!

He didn’t eat much on Sunday either and we had to wash him in the sink twice on Sunday!

Well. Now it’s Tuesday and he is pretty much normal again. Thank God! He does both things in the litter box and he has a good apetite.

He is already 15 years old, so I guess he can die at any point now, although I hope he gets a few more years. I know cats can live to 20 years and more, but 12-15 is the time when most cats go.

Anyway, it’s a warm and sunny day. I am writing in the library now. I do have InternetĀ at home, but I had to return some books and thought I would use on ofĀ the computers thatĀ was available.

On Sunday mum and I went to get all my stuff from the flea market. I got a decent amount of money, but not as much as lastĀ time. Still, it’s okay. And we got rid of some stuff that would just lay around the house not getting used.

I’ll go and buy some food now.


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