Watching the dogs

I have to go to my brother’s house tonight and sleep there. They are going somewhere today and coming home tomorrow, so I have to look after the two dogs. I am going around 8 pm I think.

I am still coughing a little, but it’s much better. Earlier in the week I had a terrible cold, with a nose that was constantly running, a very sore throat and some more coughing. I even had some pain in my ears… I can still wake up at night when I am coughing.

Just a couple more days at the flea market. On Sunday afternoon I will take home my stuff that has not been sold. I’ve been there almost every day because it’s so messy on the table. I went there today after the opened at noon, so I don’t know what has been sold today. They still have the flea market open for 25 minutes.

Pretty sunny. I hope it doesn’t start raining later tonight or tomorrow, because it’s no fun walking with the dogs in the rain or on wet muddy streets…

Better pack a little bag soon that I can take with me.

Going to make some bookmarks before I go there.

Today I got 2 postcards, yesterday I got 4! 😀


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