Sore throat, coughing

I didn’t get much sleep last night. 😦 At 6 am I gave up and went to the kitchen to prepare some warm water for the flu powder. I don’t have a running nose (yet). But my throat is very sore. 😦 And I am coughing. When I am coughing my throat hurts even more. My voice is not normal either. Don’t want to talk more than necessary. I had a sore throat yesterday as well, but not as much as today and during the night.

I really hope this will get better soon…

Halfway through the flea market (I have two weeks). I’ll go there today (as almost every day). Mum said she would come with me today. Tomorrow I will adjust the price tags. I wish they would buy a little more stuff. But may be it’s better on the weekends.

Some thunder and lightnings last night. But I noticed more lightnings than I heard thunder.

Last Thursday was the Night of Arts. The whole town was full of people (thousand of people) and a lot of cultural events. I went to the theater to watch rehearsals of a new play. I also went to a couple of museums and some other places. May be it was on Thursday that someone spread their virus to me and it broke out yesterday. I don’t know.


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