There are a lot of small explosions going on around town tonight when it is the end of the summer cottage season… 😦 They are allowed to have fireworks and similar small explosives from 6 pm to 2 am. The fireworks will probably start when it gets dark so you can see them in the sky.

The animals don’t like the fireworks. 😦 My brother’s dogs are scared, my sister’s dog is probably scared too and my cat don’t like them either, especially not later when there are more of them.

I just came home from my sister’s house. I went there with mum and later my sister-in-law and nephew came. My brother is working on the ship again. No one from my sister’s family were home though… They are at a summer cottage with some friends. They could not take the dog Albin with them, so mum is going to sleep in the house tonight, with Albin as company. 😉 I hope Albin wants to go out tonight. May be mum has to go a shorter distance with him, because of the fireworks, or then she goes earlier, when there is not so much explosions around.

I am happy to be home with the cat.

Once again Usain Bolt got three gold medals from the world championships. 😀 How boring it will be when he retires after the Olympics… He has said he will retire then, but who knows? May be he continues.

Kimi Raikkonen

Best news today!! Kimi continues in Formula 1 with Ferrari 2016!!! 😀 I didn’t want to believe it was true until Ferrari confirmed it on their website. 🙂

Now the journalists can stop bugging him about questions like that. It will be interesting to see Kimi in Spa this weekend. It’s his favorite circuit and his contract has just been extended. I am not expecting miracles. But I am sure Kimi will be happier than he usually is. May be smile a little bit more on the pit lane. 😉

I might not be able to watch the free practice sessions on Friday though. 😦 I have to go to my brother’s house tomorrow and on Friday to be with my nephew while the parents are working.

I hope they will have some reruns of the practice sessions, but I’m not sure. Saturday and Sunday I am not going to miss any Formula 1 and that is for sure!

Another warm and sunny day. I wouldn’t mind if it got cooler now, more autumn like weather…

Better go to bed now. I have to wake up early tomorrow. It takes a while to go with the bicycle to my brother’s house.

Warm day

My poor cat had a rough weekend. 😦 But he is pretty much back to normal again. 🙂 I had to sleep in my brother’s house between Friday and Saturday. I went back home on Saturday morning and mum said that the cat didn’t want to eat or drink. And you could see that he wasn’t feeling well. We almost immediately knew it was because he could not do “number 2” in the litter box. Mum went to visit her mum as she does almost all the Saturdays. I was home with the cat. I got him to drink water and I went to the drug store to get some medicine that would help the cat.

I had to go back to the dogs around 1 pm, because they needed to go out for a walk. It’s not nice leaving a sick cat home alone, but I had to go… Mum came home around 3 pm so it was just a couple of hours that the cat had to be alone. But I came home again around 6 pm. Then we gave the medicine to the cat. He drank quite a lot of water (may be he had traces of the medicine in his mouth and wanted to get rid of it!) and we got him to eat a little butter as well during the day, but not much else.

In the evening the cat used the litter box to pee a little, but no number 2. Sunday morning the cat was able to do both things, but it was quite messy and it got stuck to the fur around his butt. We ended up having to wash the cat’s butt in the sink. The tail and the back legs got wet too. That was not a success! 😉 He hated it!

He didn’t eat much on Sunday either and we had to wash him in the sink twice on Sunday!

Well. Now it’s Tuesday and he is pretty much normal again. Thank God! He does both things in the litter box and he has a good apetite.

He is already 15 years old, so I guess he can die at any point now, although I hope he gets a few more years. I know cats can live to 20 years and more, but 12-15 is the time when most cats go.

Anyway, it’s a warm and sunny day. I am writing in the library now. I do have Internet at home, but I had to return some books and thought I would use on of the computers that was available.

On Sunday mum and I went to get all my stuff from the flea market. I got a decent amount of money, but not as much as last time. Still, it’s okay. And we got rid of some stuff that would just lay around the house not getting used.

I’ll go and buy some food now.

Watching the dogs

I have to go to my brother’s house tonight and sleep there. They are going somewhere today and coming home tomorrow, so I have to look after the two dogs. I am going around 8 pm I think.

I am still coughing a little, but it’s much better. Earlier in the week I had a terrible cold, with a nose that was constantly running, a very sore throat and some more coughing. I even had some pain in my ears… I can still wake up at night when I am coughing.

Just a couple more days at the flea market. On Sunday afternoon I will take home my stuff that has not been sold. I’ve been there almost every day because it’s so messy on the table. I went there today after the opened at noon, so I don’t know what has been sold today. They still have the flea market open for 25 minutes.

Pretty sunny. I hope it doesn’t start raining later tonight or tomorrow, because it’s no fun walking with the dogs in the rain or on wet muddy streets…

Better pack a little bag soon that I can take with me.

Going to make some bookmarks before I go there.

Today I got 2 postcards, yesterday I got 4! 😀

Sore throat, coughing

I didn’t get much sleep last night. 😦 At 6 am I gave up and went to the kitchen to prepare some warm water for the flu powder. I don’t have a running nose (yet). But my throat is very sore. 😦 And I am coughing. When I am coughing my throat hurts even more. My voice is not normal either. Don’t want to talk more than necessary. I had a sore throat yesterday as well, but not as much as today and during the night.

I really hope this will get better soon…

Halfway through the flea market (I have two weeks). I’ll go there today (as almost every day). Mum said she would come with me today. Tomorrow I will adjust the price tags. I wish they would buy a little more stuff. But may be it’s better on the weekends.

Some thunder and lightnings last night. But I noticed more lightnings than I heard thunder.

Last Thursday was the Night of Arts. The whole town was full of people (thousand of people) and a lot of cultural events. I went to the theater to watch rehearsals of a new play. I also went to a couple of museums and some other places. May be it was on Thursday that someone spread their virus to me and it broke out yesterday. I don’t know.