Flea market

My room is a complete mess! But that’s how it is when you are going through your stuff, throwing things away and putting other things in plastic bags.

I went to the flea market today and asked for a table. I thought I would have to wait several week for one, as I had to do the last time I sold stuff. But no, they just asked if I want a table on Sunday, Monday or Tuesday! I chose Monday, so I have plenty to do now before that.

They open at noon on Monday, so I have to be there by then.

I have found plenty of things to sell and today I washed some of my old clothes that I am going to bring with me. I will sell for a week. I don’t think I will sell two weeks, I have always just sold for one week at a time.

It has been pretty sunny today. But not too warm. It was a little cold when I went out cycling a little while ago.

Now I am going to try and make waffles! 🙂 Last time I tried, it was a disaster, as they got stuck to the machine… If I try with less heat and more margarine, may be it works then. Mum knows how to make the waffles, but she is in Sweden, so I can’t ask her…

Got one postcard in the mail today, from Germany. I sent two today, to the Netherlands and one in Finland.

Please, please, please let the rumor be true that Kimi Raikkonen is close to a deal for 2016 with Ferrari! He is the most popular driver in Formula 1! They can’t throw him out again! It’s not his fault that the car sucks this year. In Hungary they could have been 1-2 on the podium but of course Kimi’s car broke down and he had to stop driving.

Anyway, I have to start making the waffles now so I can continue with my room later tonight. I want to find all the stuff by tomorrow, so I can put all the price tags on Sunday.


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