Cleaning out the closet

Today I decided to clean out the closet. 🙂 I threw away two plastic bags with clothes! (Socks, old underwear, jeans with holes, old nightdresses and pajamas…) One plastic bag I saved. Those I need to wash and then I will try to sell them on the flea market. It’s mostly T-shirts.

I also found other things to sell on the flea market. (I have much more than clothes in the closets…) So during the next days I am going to go through my room, throw some papers and stuff away and gather stuff to sell on the flea market. Last time I wanted to sell, I had to write my name on a list and they called when there was a table available. So I might have to wait this time too. But first I am going to look for things to sell. Then I will contact the flea market and see when a table is available.

So now Jules Bianchi is buried… 😦 Some F1 drivers came for the funeral but I actually hoped there would have been more drivers there… After all, he was an active driver last season and probably would have been this year as well without the crash.

Yesterday I made lots of bookmarks while watching a DVD in the evening. Some I printed out from the computer. Some are made of stickers and thick paper. I need to put plastic on them too. But I will do that another day.

Yesterday I got three postcards from Post Crossing! 😀 Today none. I should still get two which are traveling towards my house.

I think I will go to bed now. It’s getting late. But the cat is on the balcony. He doesn’t want to come in…


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