It’s so ANNOYING!!! I’ve got the internet back. It was the thing on the picture that was not working as it should. Well, this is not the actual “cable thing cord whatever it’s called” that was originally broken, but I will get to that later. The electrician came on Wednesday morning. He said the thing in the picture was broken, so I had to go to the store and get a new one. And I would get it for free, because the company that owns the apartment, also owns the black box and the black thing in the picture. We just use it as we are living in their apartment. So the company would have to pay for the electrician that came and for the black thing.

Anyway, I went to the store that sell these things, and that provides the TV-channels and who we pay the bill to for using the Internet. I got a new one. Went immediately home, and noticed that it was broken too. 😦 The two things that you put into the wall (the part that is half metal, half plastic) was loose. It was not glued properly. The Internet worked when I plugged it in, but it was sitting so loosely in the wall that I moved it a millimeter and the Internet stopped working again. I had to keep adjusting to get the right position, so I could get back online again.

I went to the company’s website and wrote to them that I got a product that is working, but working poorly. This was on Wednesday. On Thursday afternoon they replied that I should take the thing with me and go back to the store where they would give me another one.

So, I went there again today. I checked in the store that everything was glued together as it should be and it seemed to be okay. I get home, plug it in the wall and NOTHING HAPPENS!! That thing in the picture is not working in the slightest! It stays in the wall and I have connected it to the black box properly and turned the ON-button on. But no! No power, no nothing! Do they get these things from the rubbish bins? Because there they belong!

I don’t know… I guess I’ll have to go back there again on Monday. But I don’t want to complain about these things again. How difficult is it to get a properly working product that can stay in the wall for years!?

In a drawer in the desk I found an other one, old but the same type, that THANK GOD is working!! So I will just use that one for now and then I’ll see what I’ll do with this new, dead, thing. Because technically this thing in the picture belongs to the company that owns the house I am living in. So it should be working. If I move from the house, the two items (this and the box) have to stay in the apartment. Technically I am just borrowing those things while I live here.

Anyway, the company is closed on Saturday and Sunday of course, so if I go back there a third time, it will be on Monday.

Some showers of heavy rain last night, during the night and early today. I heard a little thunder, but it was just a little rumbling a few times. No lightnings.

That cat sits by the balcony door, looking out. He would stay on that balcony 24/7 if he could. But I have to watch him so he can’t be there all the time. Last night he was sitting under the chair watching the very heavy rain that fell. 🙂


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