Too warm to sleep


The cat has found a nice sleeping space for himself in mum’s bedroom. 🙂 It’s between the bed and the wall where the window is. That blue thing is a curtain. And that white thing is the bed cover.

He has been sleeping there a few times already. I think he likes the smell of mum that he can feel in the bedroom. It’s still two or three weeks until mum comes home from Sweden. She hasn’t decided yet when she is coming, but her job begins in the beginning of August. So she has to come home by the end of the month at least.

Happy 4th of July to all Americans who read this and celebrate their special day today! 😀

I am not enjoying the heat that’s going on. It’s too warm for me. Lucky it was a little cooler today than it was yesterday. But the heat has warmed up the apartment, so even if it’s cooler outside, the apartment is warmer than usual and it’s going to take a while for the apartment to cool down. It doesn’t help if I open the balcony door and the windows in the kitchen, mum’s bedroom and my bedroom.

Today there were some really dark clouds in the sky. But I don’t think any rain came out of them at all. 😦 I wish it would start raining really much. A thunderstorm would be cool. 🙂 The flowers and the trees and the grass need some rain now…

Formula one weekend again. This time in the UK. SIlverstone. Kimi did pretty well on the practice sessions and he was 5th in the qualifying. So I hope he does well in the race tomorrow.

Everyday I am waiting for the mail to come. Well, the mail doesn’t come on Saturday and Sunday, but the rest of the week it does. I have registered myself on, which is a fun place where you send postcards to a random, unknown person in the world and when it has been received you should get a postcard from another person somewhere in the world.

It’s fun to get postcards in the mail, not just bills and ads.

You should check out and register yourself so you too can get postcards in the mail from random people in the world!

It’s getting late. I’ll see if I can get some sleep now, although my bedroom feels too warm for me to be able to sleep…


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