Flea market

My room is a complete mess! But that’s how it is when you are going through your stuff, throwing things away and putting other things in plastic bags.

I went to the flea market today and asked for a table. I thought I would have to wait several week for one, as I had to do the last time I sold stuff. But no, they just asked if I want a table on Sunday, Monday or Tuesday! I chose Monday, so I have plenty to do now before that.

They open at noon on Monday, so I have to be there by then.

I have found plenty of things to sell and today I washed some of my old clothes that I am going to bring with me. I will sell for a week. I don’t think I will sell two weeks, I have always just sold for one week at a time.

It has been pretty sunny today. But not too warm. It was a little cold when I went out cycling a little while ago.

Now I am going to try and make waffles! 🙂 Last time I tried, it was a disaster, as they got stuck to the machine… If I try with less heat and more margarine, may be it works then. Mum knows how to make the waffles, but she is in Sweden, so I can’t ask her…

Got one postcard in the mail today, from Germany. I sent two today, to the Netherlands and one in Finland.

Please, please, please let the rumor be true that Kimi Raikkonen is close to a deal for 2016 with Ferrari! He is the most popular driver in Formula 1! They can’t throw him out again! It’s not his fault that the car sucks this year. In Hungary they could have been 1-2 on the podium but of course Kimi’s car broke down and he had to stop driving.

Anyway, I have to start making the waffles now so I can continue with my room later tonight. I want to find all the stuff by tomorrow, so I can put all the price tags on Sunday.

Sleepy cat

Photo0131 Photo0109

My cat would like to spend most of the day on the balcony. But because I can’t watch him all the time, that is not possible. Early this morning (it’s only 8 am but the cat woke me up at 6 am!) he was sleeping on the balcony chair. I moved it so that half the chair was on the balcony and the other half in the living room. That way I could watch something on YouTube and keep an eye on the cat easily. He is still sleeping there, although he has changed his position a bit. He probably will be there for a few hours if I let him. A while ago he was cleaning himself. 😉

The other picture is from mum’s bedroom. A while ago I posted a photo of him inside the white drawer between mum’s bed and the window. Well, he likes to sleep on top of it too! 😀 Especially at night he sleeps there.

I am sure he misses mum. I keep telling him she is coming on Sunday (she starts working again the next day, on Monday!) but he probably don’t understand what I am saying. He will get a surprise on Sunday evening when someone opens the door…. 😉

It’s a little cold outside and there will probably be rain later. The sky is so grey. Yesterday was sunnier and warmer. Some people in town actually wore shorts and t-shirts. I was probably wearing a little too much with my jeans and jacket… But I thought it would be just as cold as it has been most of the summer.

The mail should come soon. The last couple of weeks or so the mail has usually come around 9 am, sometimes even before that. I am not expecting any postcards though. I have two postcards traveling towards me, but one would have been sent today, so it will come may be next week. The other might come this week if it’s not coming from Asia or America.

Well, I’ll write a postcard to France now. 🙂

Cleaning out the closet

Today I decided to clean out the closet. 🙂 I threw away two plastic bags with clothes! (Socks, old underwear, jeans with holes, old nightdresses and pajamas…) One plastic bag I saved. Those I need to wash and then I will try to sell them on the flea market. It’s mostly T-shirts.

I also found other things to sell on the flea market. (I have much more than clothes in the closets…) So during the next days I am going to go through my room, throw some papers and stuff away and gather stuff to sell on the flea market. Last time I wanted to sell, I had to write my name on a list and they called when there was a table available. So I might have to wait this time too. But first I am going to look for things to sell. Then I will contact the flea market and see when a table is available.

So now Jules Bianchi is buried… 😦 Some F1 drivers came for the funeral but I actually hoped there would have been more drivers there… After all, he was an active driver last season and probably would have been this year as well without the crash.

Yesterday I made lots of bookmarks while watching a DVD in the evening. Some I printed out from the computer. Some are made of stickers and thick paper. I need to put plastic on them too. But I will do that another day.

Yesterday I got three postcards from Post Crossing! 😀 Today none. I should still get two which are traveling towards my house.

I think I will go to bed now. It’s getting late. But the cat is on the balcony. He doesn’t want to come in…

Cold and stormy

This summer has really been cold and rainy and stormy… It’s more like autumn than summer. I think there was +25 degrees one weekend! That’s all. Today is another cold stormy day. Some rain too during the day.

I have spent the day indoors. Just went to the grocery store to get some food for the cat.

It’s nice to have my sis’s family home again, so now I don’t have to go to their house several times a day to look after the dog. I am sure the cat is happy too that I’m not gone several hours a day.

Yesterday I looked after my nephew Alec while being with the dog too. He was there four hours while the parents were working. My brother is home from his job on the ship but every now and then he goes to a restaurant out of town and works there.

So sad when Jules Bianchi passed away today. 😦 Of course it was expected, but still… I am sure they will pay tribute to him during the next F1 Grand Prix, which I think is next weekend. Rest in peace, Jules.

I joined Twitter today… Don’t think I’m gonna write much, but I’ll follow some other tweeters; Valtteri Bottas, Heikki Kovalainen, the ice hockey teams that I support, Ferrari etc.

Looking after the dog

Day 2 of 5 done. 🙂 My sister’s family is in the capitol this week from Monday to Friday. That means I have to look after the dog, Albin.

I have to go back and forth between the house all week. I need to spend some hours per day with the dog and at the same time I also have to spend some time with the cat, here at home…

Well, so far it’s turned out well. I will go back to the dog early tomorrow morning.

Now I am going to watch some TV. The Swedish crown princess Victoria turns 38 today and they always show her birthday celebration on TV.

I just realized that my watch stopped working while going home with the bike… Hm, the battery is probably dead. Must fix that tomorrow.



It’s so ANNOYING!!! I’ve got the internet back. It was the thing on the picture that was not working as it should. Well, this is not the actual “cable thing cord whatever it’s called” that was originally broken, but I will get to that later. The electrician came on Wednesday morning. He said the thing in the picture was broken, so I had to go to the store and get a new one. And I would get it for free, because the company that owns the apartment, also owns the black box and the black thing in the picture. We just use it as we are living in their apartment. So the company would have to pay for the electrician that came and for the black thing.

Anyway, I went to the store that sell these things, and that provides the TV-channels and who we pay the bill to for using the Internet. I got a new one. Went immediately home, and noticed that it was broken too. 😦 The two things that you put into the wall (the part that is half metal, half plastic) was loose. It was not glued properly. The Internet worked when I plugged it in, but it was sitting so loosely in the wall that I moved it a millimeter and the Internet stopped working again. I had to keep adjusting to get the right position, so I could get back online again.

I went to the company’s website and wrote to them that I got a product that is working, but working poorly. This was on Wednesday. On Thursday afternoon they replied that I should take the thing with me and go back to the store where they would give me another one.

So, I went there again today. I checked in the store that everything was glued together as it should be and it seemed to be okay. I get home, plug it in the wall and NOTHING HAPPENS!! That thing in the picture is not working in the slightest! It stays in the wall and I have connected it to the black box properly and turned the ON-button on. But no! No power, no nothing! Do they get these things from the rubbish bins? Because there they belong!

I don’t know… I guess I’ll have to go back there again on Monday. But I don’t want to complain about these things again. How difficult is it to get a properly working product that can stay in the wall for years!?

In a drawer in the desk I found an other one, old but the same type, that THANK GOD is working!! So I will just use that one for now and then I’ll see what I’ll do with this new, dead, thing. Because technically this thing in the picture belongs to the company that owns the house I am living in. So it should be working. If I move from the house, the two items (this and the box) have to stay in the apartment. Technically I am just borrowing those things while I live here.

Anyway, the company is closed on Saturday and Sunday of course, so if I go back there a third time, it will be on Monday.

Some showers of heavy rain last night, during the night and early today. I heard a little thunder, but it was just a little rumbling a few times. No lightnings.

That cat sits by the balcony door, looking out. He would stay on that balcony 24/7 if he could. But I have to watch him so he can’t be there all the time. Last night he was sitting under the chair watching the very heavy rain that fell. 🙂

No Internet

It’s so frustrating when the Internet is not working. 😦 I am writing in the library now.

I don’t know what’s wrong with the Internet. But I can not use it at home. It went away Sunday evening around 7 pm! I called the company Monday afternoon. They promised to tell some one else, who is supposed to call me, either when he has fixed it somewhere else, or if he needs to come to the apartment. No one called today and the Internet is still not working. I can not open a single site… And I can’t sit in the house all day waiting for a phone call that don’t seem to come.

It would be okay if they called and said that they are coming on Thursday at 2 pm or something like that. Then I could plan my days and go somewhere, knowing that they will come at that specific day and time. But I don’t know when they are calling. And I think they only have the phone number to the telephone that has a cord to the wall. So I must be home when they are calling. They probably don’t have the mobile phone number. I waited and waited. When nobody had called me at 4 pm I decided they are going to let me wait until tomorrow, so I came to the library. I need to go to the grocery store too.

If no one has called me before 1 pm tomorrow I am calling the company again to ask them why it takes such a long time… They can’t have that many customers who need their Internet fixed!

It started raining when I came into the town. But it’s okay. It’s just water. No heavy rain. Just pretty light rain. I’ll change my clothes when I go home.

No postcards in the mail today. Yesterday I got two, so that was fun! 🙂 There are still four cards travelling to me at the moment. So we’ll see tomorrow if I get any. May be some are lost. I sent two postcards 19 days ago and they still have not reached their destinations, so I am sceptical about those two cards.

I think I will go home now and watch something on DVD.