Going to Sweden tomorrow

I better go to bed now, at 10 pm. I have a long, long day tomorrow…

I have to take a taxi at 8 am and go to the harbor because the passenger ship leaves at 9 am. They used to have local buses driving there before the ship left and going back to town when the ship arrived. But they don’t drive those buses anymore, which is sad. It would be so much easier to take the local bus.

I will get a few hours in the Swedish town Umeå tomorrow before going back home. The ship arrives in a place called Holmsund and from there you have to take the bus (30-45 minutes) to Umeå.

I will spend a total of 9 hours of the boat tomorrow! So I hope the wind is not strong. I have a thick magazine full of crosswords and sudokus and word searches and things like that. So I have something to do. I might also take a book with me.

My brother I working, so may be I will see him in his fancy uniform… 😉

I will be home shortly before midnight tomorrow.

I am taking the camera with me, so I might post some pictures during the weekend.


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