A “vegetable” for the cat


My cat thinks this plant, the hibiscus, is a big vegetable that he can eat… Mum tries to stop him from chewing on the leaves. Usually he does it at night when we are sleeping or away from the house. We then find traces of him. There are half-eaten leaves on the hibiscus and the cactus has white fur on it. 🙂

It doesn’t matter how many things we put around the hibiscus. He still finds a way to jump up and eat from the plant. Once I put grounded pepper around the pot. It helped a few days…

Today he was suddenly sitting there when I looked away from the computer. But luckily he didn’t chew on any leaves today. He just sat there for a while. 🙂
We had tortillas for dinner today. I can always eat just two, then I don’t want anymore. It tasted great.

I might make the pätkis muffins in a while. Mum is going to my sister’s house. My brother’s family is coming to pick her up in a few minutes.

The schoolkids in Finland now have summer vacation until the middle of August. There were a lot of handsome people with skirts and dresses and blazers in town when I went to town.

It was pretty warm and sunny. Now there are some more clouds on the sky.


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