I am baking today. 🙂 First I tried something new that I have never done before. I made muffins with mint chocolate. In Finland we have something called Pätkis, little mint chocolate bars. They come in mini versions too in a little plastic bag and the recipe called for the mini chocolate. Each piece cut in three. So there are small pieces of Pätkis in the muffins. I am sure they melted in the oven, so they are gooey and yummy! 😀 I have to taste one for dessert.

I have a pizza in the oven now. 🙂 It was the first time that I made the dough myself. Usually it’s mum that makes the dough. So I am not sure how it will turn out. I think it’s a little stickier than mum’s dough, but I hope it tastes good, although the grocery store didn’t have the slices of pizza ham that we use to put on on the pizza. So I had to buy some other ham slices. We’ll see how it turns out to be in the end… I put tuna on mum’s side of the pizza and she got pizza spices too. I don’t like that. The dough is on the oven plate and we always “decorate” half the side each, so we get what we want. She usually likes tomato slices too, but I didn’t have that today. So she has to be without them.

I have to quickly wash the dishes after dinner (there are a lot now with so much baking…) In the afternoon I am going to an event. 270 people are signed up for the event, so I have to be there at 4.30 pm when they open the doors. I guess you have to stand in a queue for a long time to pay for the event and if you come pretty late you won’t get any good seat to sit in. So I am going there early… My sister-in-law is also going to the same event. May be I will see her there.

While I am at the event (from 6 to 7 pm) mum will come home from Sweden. She is on the passenger ship right now. She did see my brother on Thursday when she went, and I guess they will see each other today too. He is working until Tuesday, so he has a few more trips with the boat before he has another two weeks off. He is a restaurant manager on the ship. My sister and Alec will go to the harbor to get mumr at 6.30 and then they will come here and wait for my sister-in-law and me to come home as well.

That’s why I made the muffins. I thought they might stay for coffee.

Well, the pizza is almost done, so I better go check it out now. The cat liked to eat some of the tuna that I put on a little plate for him while I decorated the pizza. He is crazy for the pizza ham slices that we use to have, but I don’t think he will like these ham slices.

I am sure the cat will go nuts when mum comes home. He will meow and meow and meow and meow…. 😉


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