Very rainy

Rain, rain, rain… Rain all day, pretty much, nonstop. Strong winds… No fun going home from work with the bicycle. 😦 I was wet and cold when I got home.

Oh well, a day off tomorrow. All the shops and libraries and many more places are closed tomorrow. Mum has a day off on Friday, so she is going to Sweden tomorrow morning. She wants the wind to stop at least, otherwise it will be a wavy boat trip across the sea.

No ice hockey today. The Lions traveled to Prague to fight against the Czech Republic tomorrow in the quarter final. It’s going to be a tough game… But I hope the referees are not as lousy as the ones in the previous game, against Russia. A Finnish player got 5 + 20 minutes for kneeing… Well, he didn’t use his knee, he bumped into to other player with his shoulder! Should have gotten 2 minutes, or nothing at all. Instead he was sent to the shower.

Anyway, it’s getting late. Better go to bed now.


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