F1 Spain

A few more hours until the Spanish GP. But I am not getting my hope up too much. Kimi’s had a bad weekend, he’s been grumpy and unsatisfied with all kinds of weird problems. After the qualifying he said the team had kept a set of softer tires in those tire blankets too long and the tires were destroyed, burnt. So those can’t be used in the race. He starts from P7, so he will have a difficult day on the track.

I think I will make a mud cake soon. It’s mother’s day in Finland at least. Mum is at grand mum’s home now. My sister’s family, my sister-in-law and Alec are there too. My brother is working on the passenger ship now and will not be home for over a week.

The sis’s family came unexpectedly to us last night. So they watched the last part of the ice hockey game Slovakia vs. Finland. Lucky we had some cinnamon rolls in the freezer that we could put in the microwave and defrost. They were almost like newly baked because there were a little warm and soft.

Yesterday when I found out that the Finnish goalkeeper Rinne could not play because of a cold I thought Finland would for sure lose the game, because the other goalkeeper Saros played his first game in a world championship for adults. But he did an excellent job!! 😀 Finland won 3-0 over Slovakia. That was a well needed victory! Two more games, against Belarus and Russia, before the quarterfinal. Four games in a row where the other team has not been able to score against Finland! But the Russian game will for sure be the most difficult.


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