Hockey night

Finland’s games in the ice hockey world championships so far:

* USA – Finland 5-1

* Denmark – Finland 0-3

* Norway – Finland 0-5

* Slovenia – Finland 0-4

9 points so far. Looking good. 🙂 Only one loss and three games where the opposite team has not scored a single games. Finland’s goalkeeper Pekka Rinne is good. 🙂

Next game is against Slovakia on Saturday.

Today it is exactly 20 years since Finland celebrated their first ice hockey world championship (May 7th, 1995)!! 😀 They won 4-1 against Sweden, in Sweden. 😀 After that it took 16 years until the second world championship came in 2011… I hope it won’t last another 16 years before the third gold comes…

The Formula 1 drivers are already in Spain, waiting for the action to start tomorrow. :

I can of course not watch the free practice sessions tomorrow because of the work. But I hope Kimi does well in Barcelona.

Some rain today, some sunshine. Around +10 to +13 degrees during the day I think.

It’s already 11.30 pm. Must go to bed now. Just need to give the cat some food first. 🙂


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