May 1st celebration

DSCN0188 DSCN0205 DSCN0209 DSCN0219

May 1st is celebrated in Finland. On the market square there are thousands of people; buyers and sellers. They sell balloons with helium in them, ice cream, licorice, cotton candy, grilled sausage, toys and lots more. They also have different parades and things like that. One parade is old cars. A lot of people like to go for motorcycle rides on May 1st and they will gather somewhere and go together. It’s difficult to walk around on the market square with so many people pushing from different directions. And sometimes you can only take a few steps before the way is blocked by several people. But, it’s part of May 1st.

I took the camera with me this year. It was cloudy as can be seen in the first picture. But between the clouds were also some blue sky. It was around +10 to +13 degrees (I went 11.15 am from home and came back 1.30 pm). On the town hall balcony (second picture) and male choir sang in Swedish. A male choir singing in Finnish came before the Swedish group. They sang for about 30 minutes from noon. The third picture is some of the many people listening to the choir. They are on the other side of the street, next to the church.

The white hats some of the people are wearing is the hat you have to buy when you graduate from high school. A lot of people like to wear them on May 1st. If the hats are not stored properly they can turn yellow/beige after decades. Some of the choir members have yellowish/beige hats, because most of the singers are old and probably got their hats many decades ago. I keep my white hat in the original plastic bag inside the original cardboard box it came in. I wore it for a while today but I also had a baseball cap, which is much more comfortable. Before the white hats were only given to those who graduate high school. But later they started giving it to people graduating from other schools as well. Those other graduates might have tassels on their hats. I noticed one white hat does have a tassel, so it means he graduated from another school, not high school.

There are a lot of these yellow coltsfoot flowers on the grass now. Large areas can filled with these small flowers.

While I was listening to the choir singing, there was a little bit of rain, but not much.

I bought some licorice and an ice cream. No matter what weather it is on May 1st, I always want to eat an ice cream bought from the market square. This year I chose lemon-licorice. Yummy! 🙂 I ate it while walking home. I also gave some euros to a Red Cross man collecting for Nepal.

It was nice to come home after all the noise and people on the market square. Here at home is quiet. Mum is at grand mum’s house with my sister’s family.

In less than three hours it’s time for the Ice hockey world championships!! 😀 First game: Finland vs. USA. 🙂


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