DSCN0167 DSCN0164 DSCN0168

I am so hungry now… :/ I want to eat soon. And the apartment smells lovely from the cinnamon rolls mum just baked! 😀 Must have one for dessert! 😉

Yesterday the curious cat of course had to jump up on the flower bench just because mum moved a large plant to the kitchen where she changed some of the soil. The cat is always so curious when something is happening. 🙂

A while ago he was sleepy… As can be seen in the third picture.

It’s raining (I think)… At least it has been raining today. It’s grey and cold, only +3 degrees Celsius. 😦

The day is slow. I am just waiting for the ice hockey game to begin, but it starts at 8 pm. Still many hours left…

I will try to finish a book I am reading. Then continue with a cross stitched bookmark.

Hopefully the dinner is ready soon…


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