New bed




Yesterday was an exciting day for the cat. He is always curious when something special happens. As I wrote yesterday I was waiting for a phone call. It came in the afternoon. It was from the furniture store, because last week I ordered a bed. 🙂 It was delivered yesterday around 4 pm.

My new bed is a little smaller than the previous bed. Before the width was 140 centimeters, now it is 120 centimeters. So there’s a little more space in my room.

My old bed I have used for several years. Before me my brother had it for several years and before my brother my sister had it for several years! So all three have had it. It was old even when I got it. It must be 20 years or something. So it’s nice to finally have a new bed to sleep on. I did sleep pretty good last night, but for sure my body needs to get used to the new bed. It’s a bit harder than the old one.

As I wrote, the cat was curious and excited about the old bed who was moved to the living room for a few hours after I got the call that the new bed is coming.

The photos show that he climbed up on the bed (or jumped, I am not sure how he got up there…) He also wanted to go behind the bed, between the bed and the bookshelf/cabinet even if it was very narrow back there. 🙂

Unfortunately the man from the furniture store was not able to take the old bed with him. So now my old bed is taking up a large area of the balcony. :/

It’s very heavy and my arms are hurting a bit today from carrying the bed back and forth in the apartment yesterday. At one point we (mum and I) tried to get it in the elevator, but it won’t fit. The man from the furniture store said that he could barely fit the new bed in the elevator. So I hope my brother-in-law and nephew will be able to come this weekend and try to carry it down the stairs. If not it will have to stay on the balcony until the end of next week when mum’s friend comes from Sweden. May be we’ll figure out a way of sawing the bed in two parts. But there are lots of metal springs there too, so I don’t think we’ll be able to cut it in half.

We’ll see.

Anyway, I don’t remember how they got the bed up here when we moved here years ago. I think they got it in the elevator, but there was an old elevator then. May be a slightly bigger one.


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