My first attempt at waffles yesterday was a disaster… :/ I could barely scrape them off. They got stuck hard onto the surface of the thing you make waffles with. But I did follow the instructions 100 %! I threatened to throw the whole thing out the window! 😉

But I waited for mum to come home and she managed to make waffles that looked like waffles and did not get stuck! 🙂 She didn’t have as much heat. But the instructions clearly read start at maximum heat and adjust the temperature if needed. So why did not the instructions say start at a low heat and go up if the temperature is too low?

Oh well, next time I’ll start with a low temperature and see how they turn out to be.

It’s the solar thing today… I don’t have any special glasses so I am not going to watch it. I guess there will be plenty of pictures on the Internet in a few hours.

If I could get a phone call I have been waiting for… Then I could plan my day. But no phone calls yet.

My cat hates the camera. When I try taking pictures of him, 90 % of the times he walks away as soon as he sees the camera! :/ But sometimes I can take pictures of him when he is sleepy. I like these two pictures of him. He loves the couch and laying on his back, with the furry belly showing. 😀


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