Early mornings

Yesterday I woke up at 3.30 am and today I got to sleep a little longer, until 5 am. 🙂 Well, I did sleep an hour or two between the F1 practices and the qualifying. But still, pretty early. Of course, I have gone to bed early too.

So, Mercedes no one can beat this year either. 😦 Unless they crash or have some technical difficulties. Rosberg seemed to have several small things going on with the car this weekend so far, but he was still second in the qualifying. Ferrari, a big step forward since last year. At least it looks like that now. There will for sure be a battle between Ferrari and Williams. McLaren did’t even make it to Q2… They are going to have a difficult race tomorrow. Lotus seems pretty good compared to last year. Manor didn’t even drive one meter with the cars, but they are still there in the pitboxes, watching the others. I do feel sorry for the drivers.

Kimi 5th and Bottas 6th today. Kimi was a bit disappointed (as usual) and thought he should have been 3rd or at least 4th. But may be he is better in the race. He usually is a bit worse in the qualifying than in the race.

Bottas seems to have injured his lower back. 😦 Hope he can race tomorrow. But the Finnish commentator wrote on Twitter that Bottas has difficult to walk. Well, Kimi had real bad back pains in 2013 and the Finnish doctor gave some injections to Kimi. The doctor is not working any more, but may be there are other doctors who can do something similar to Bottas tomorrow.

I must see what time the GP starts tomorrow. May be 7 or 8 am.

I am sitting in the library at the moment, because the Internet at home doesn’t work. 😦 Don’t know what’s wrong. I hope it works when I get home.

Pretty sunny but a little cold. I put my winter shoes in the closet today and took out the shoes I use the rest of spring, summer and autumn.

But I heard somewhere that winter might come back next week. 😦 If that’s the case I will have to take out my winter shoes again from the closet.


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