Stormy day

I wanted to go to the library today and borrow two Hunger games books. But that will have to wait until Monday. I just hope no one borrows the books today. It’s raining and the winds are really strong. 😦

It’s a little scary how much the windows in the house are moving and shaking and the noises they are making. Hope they stay strong against another storm…

Oh well, I have other books to read and crafty things to do.

I just finished season 4 of “Little House on the Prairie”. The season ended with Mary getting blind and going to the school for blind people.

I have season 5 too. But I’ll start watching that another day.

I think we’ll make home made pizza for dinner today! Yummy! 🙂

By this time next Saturday the first F1 qualifying of the season will be over. 😀 Since they are driving in Australia I guess it’s shown live very early in the morning… Better go to bed early next week end. 😉


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