Sunny but strong winds

It’s a sunny day! 🙂 But the wind is strong. It felt a bit like spring in the air, because the sun felt a little warm in some places.

Mum will be home in a few hours. I am sure my cat will be very happy then! 😀 I think there will be a lot of meowing tonight!

Still haven’t listen to the song that Finland is going to compete with in the Eurovision Song Contest, but I don’t think it will succeed in the competition… 😦 Especially not when they are singing in Finnish.

Went to the flea market today and cleared out the table, took home all my things that had not been sold. I thought I would have to wait for the money a few days, because it said so on the information paper that I got. But I got the money today: 116 euros and 50 cents! 😀 The fee for the table was 24 euros if I don’t remember wrong, so I made a good profit. 🙂

I will eat dinner now before unpacking the bags.

Then I might bake a cake after that. But I am not sure.


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