Mud cake

I made a mud cake yesterday. 🙂 It was good! But it’s always better when it has been in the refrigerator over the night. So it will be even better today!

Early morning tomorrow… Formula one starts at 4 am! Better go to bed early tonight!

Tomorrow I hope I’ll get rid on my old bed that has been on the balcony a week. Tomorrow my brother-in-law and nephew will come and see if they are able to carry it down all the stairs.

My new bed is comfortable now that I’ve gotten used to it.

Mum just went to my brother’s house for a visit, but I decided not to go. I think I will make some bookmarks tonight while watching TV. 🙂

Happy Birthday Niki!!



He got a warm blanket for his birthday. In the kitchen he just sniffed it a little bit and then walked away. He always need some time to accept new things that he gets.

I folded the blanket in half and put it on the living room floor by the table he likes to sleep under. Then Niki started crawling under the blanket and made a comfortable bed for himself! 🙂

I don’t know where to put the blanket. May be in my room, on the couch.

It’s beige on one side and dark blue on the other side. Both sides are equally fluffy.

It’s a cold and windy day. Yesterday we even got a little snow!

Different socks today


Because today is the International day for Down’s Syndrome, I am wearing different socks today. 🙂

Mum is wearing different socks too.

Yesterday we had different socks too, because many schools and work places had different socks yesterday since March 21 was on a Saturday this year. All mum’s and her colleagues’ day care children had different socks too. They had told the parents to put different socks on the kids on Friday.

New bed




Yesterday was an exciting day for the cat. He is always curious when something special happens. As I wrote yesterday I was waiting for a phone call. It came in the afternoon. It was from the furniture store, because last week I ordered a bed. 🙂 It was delivered yesterday around 4 pm.

My new bed is a little smaller than the previous bed. Before the width was 140 centimeters, now it is 120 centimeters. So there’s a little more space in my room.

My old bed I have used for several years. Before me my brother had it for several years and before my brother my sister had it for several years! So all three have had it. It was old even when I got it. It must be 20 years or something. So it’s nice to finally have a new bed to sleep on. I did sleep pretty good last night, but for sure my body needs to get used to the new bed. It’s a bit harder than the old one.

As I wrote, the cat was curious and excited about the old bed who was moved to the living room for a few hours after I got the call that the new bed is coming.

The photos show that he climbed up on the bed (or jumped, I am not sure how he got up there…) He also wanted to go behind the bed, between the bed and the bookshelf/cabinet even if it was very narrow back there. 🙂

Unfortunately the man from the furniture store was not able to take the old bed with him. So now my old bed is taking up a large area of the balcony. :/

It’s very heavy and my arms are hurting a bit today from carrying the bed back and forth in the apartment yesterday. At one point we (mum and I) tried to get it in the elevator, but it won’t fit. The man from the furniture store said that he could barely fit the new bed in the elevator. So I hope my brother-in-law and nephew will be able to come this weekend and try to carry it down the stairs. If not it will have to stay on the balcony until the end of next week when mum’s friend comes from Sweden. May be we’ll figure out a way of sawing the bed in two parts. But there are lots of metal springs there too, so I don’t think we’ll be able to cut it in half.

We’ll see.

Anyway, I don’t remember how they got the bed up here when we moved here years ago. I think they got it in the elevator, but there was an old elevator then. May be a slightly bigger one.





My first attempt at waffles yesterday was a disaster… :/ I could barely scrape them off. They got stuck hard onto the surface of the thing you make waffles with. But I did follow the instructions 100 %! I threatened to throw the whole thing out the window! 😉

But I waited for mum to come home and she managed to make waffles that looked like waffles and did not get stuck! 🙂 She didn’t have as much heat. But the instructions clearly read start at maximum heat and adjust the temperature if needed. So why did not the instructions say start at a low heat and go up if the temperature is too low?

Oh well, next time I’ll start with a low temperature and see how they turn out to be.

It’s the solar thing today… I don’t have any special glasses so I am not going to watch it. I guess there will be plenty of pictures on the Internet in a few hours.

If I could get a phone call I have been waiting for… Then I could plan my day. But no phone calls yet.

My cat hates the camera. When I try taking pictures of him, 90 % of the times he walks away as soon as he sees the camera! :/ But sometimes I can take pictures of him when he is sleepy. I like these two pictures of him. He loves the couch and laying on his back, with the furry belly showing. 😀

Early mornings

Yesterday I woke up at 3.30 am and today I got to sleep a little longer, until 5 am. 🙂 Well, I did sleep an hour or two between the F1 practices and the qualifying. But still, pretty early. Of course, I have gone to bed early too.

So, Mercedes no one can beat this year either. 😦 Unless they crash or have some technical difficulties. Rosberg seemed to have several small things going on with the car this weekend so far, but he was still second in the qualifying. Ferrari, a big step forward since last year. At least it looks like that now. There will for sure be a battle between Ferrari and Williams. McLaren did’t even make it to Q2… They are going to have a difficult race tomorrow. Lotus seems pretty good compared to last year. Manor didn’t even drive one meter with the cars, but they are still there in the pitboxes, watching the others. I do feel sorry for the drivers.

Kimi 5th and Bottas 6th today. Kimi was a bit disappointed (as usual) and thought he should have been 3rd or at least 4th. But may be he is better in the race. He usually is a bit worse in the qualifying than in the race.

Bottas seems to have injured his lower back. 😦 Hope he can race tomorrow. But the Finnish commentator wrote on Twitter that Bottas has difficult to walk. Well, Kimi had real bad back pains in 2013 and the Finnish doctor gave some injections to Kimi. The doctor is not working any more, but may be there are other doctors who can do something similar to Bottas tomorrow.

I must see what time the GP starts tomorrow. May be 7 or 8 am.

I am sitting in the library at the moment, because the Internet at home doesn’t work. 😦 Don’t know what’s wrong. I hope it works when I get home.

Pretty sunny but a little cold. I put my winter shoes in the closet today and took out the shoes I use the rest of spring, summer and autumn.

But I heard somewhere that winter might come back next week. 😦 If that’s the case I will have to take out my winter shoes again from the closet.

Hunger games

If I could turn the time forward 24 hours… Then it would only be a few hours left until the first free practice session in Australia. But it’s still the whole Thursday left! :/

Yesterday I watched “Hunger Games: Mockingjay, part 1” on a DVD that I rented from the DVD rental shop. They had a special offer yesterday and all the movies were just 1 euro to rent. 🙂 But it was a little difficult to understand the movie because I have not read the book and it was a pretty long time since I watched Catching Fire, so I didn’t really understand what it was all about. Not as good as the two previous movies. But I guess I will watch the second part in cinema whenever it comes out in cinemas. I had not watched the first part in cinema, so yesterday was the first time I watched the movie.

I have started to read the first Hunger games book in English. I have them all in Swedish (it’s a thick book with all three books in one volume), but I want to read them in English now. I think I read the first one in Swedish, but not the second or third one. So it will be fun to read the two other books too when I am done with the first one.

Yesterday my nephew Alec came for a visit with my brother and they had one of the dogs with them too! Little Nero, the smaller one. Aw, Nero is so cute! He is already 7 years. I haven’t seen Nero since Christmas, so it was great to see the little dog again. And I think he was happy to see us too! 🙂 He behaved really well! No barking. He was just a little scared going with the elevator. I was at the DVD rental shop when they came, so I got a nice surprise when I opened the door at home and Nero came running towards me! 😀

I’m going to bed now. I hope Thursday will fly by but usually when you are waiting for something it feels like the time is slowing down…