Flea market

Ugh, I needed a break! It’s hard work writing “tons” of price tags and taping them on magazines, DVDs, books and all sort of stuff… But I’m almost done. May be I’ll find some last minute stuff to sell tomorrow if I dig through the closet and desk drawers. But I am pretty happy with what I have right now.

But I have to get all the things to the flea market tomorrow and that won’t be easy. I guess I’ll take a backpack and a few plastic bags and put them on the bike. I tried cycling today and it went okay, but it was still pretty icy on some parts of the streets, so I had to walk with the bike at times.

The flea market opens at noon. So I have to be there then. I am selling just one week. March 1st I’ll have to go and take the unsold things back. But I have to go there every day of the week, because the flea market customers don’t care anything about the tables. They just throw the things back on the table and it’s usually a mess. Sometimes they might take an item and walk with it. Then they change their mind and just put the item on the closest table they can find. So I might think that I have sold an item, but it might be somewhere else in the flea market. The customers should be kind and return the items they changed their mind about to the correct table, but they are too lazy to do that. Or they simply don’t care about doing it!

Anyway, I am going to bed early tonight. Because I am waking up very early in the morning! The Oscars show starts at 3.30 am! At least the TV show start at that time. I don’t know when they actually start handing out the awards. But I want to watch it live this year. I hope “Theory of Everything” will get some awards at least, but usually when I want a movie to get an award it doesn’t happen… So we’ll see.

Fernando Alonso crashed his McLaren today. 😦 I haven’t seen any footage of the crash but apparently there was something strange about it. I will see if I can find more information about it tomorrow. He was taken in helicopter to the hospital, but the team say he’s pretty much okay. Awake and talking at least.


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