The Outsider

Tonight I went to the Finnish theater in town to watch a weird/odd/hard-to-explain show with a single man performing about 40 roles… :O The audience got a little plastic bottle and towards the end of the show (just over one hour) the whole audience where blowing soap bubbles! 😀 They also had several soap bubble machines going on stage, so the whole room was filled with soap bubbles. 🙂 We also got showered with gold confetti. Once they shot long strings of golden paper to make it look like fireworks and in the end of the show they shot out a huge amount of small pieces of golden papers. 🙂 Poor people who have to clean up the mess!

But it was great fun! It was an alien who visited earth… “Michael Jackson” sang a song on stage at one point. 😉 He even moon walked! The man performing didn’t talk at all, just a few times when he was a news reporter etc. There were some songs too. “My heart will go on” (The Titanic song with Celine Dion). During that song he had a little airplane flying over the heads in the audience!

You can check the guy’s website and see a trailer. It’s difficult to describe the show.

It was pretty cold today. -8 C right now I think.

Made a few granny squares today. But going to bed now because it’s getting late.


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