Theory of Everything – again

Yesterday (Saturday) I went to the cinema. 🙂 This time the movie worked fine (last time I went there, on Wednesday, they said that the film was broken so they could not show it). It was super good! One of the best movies I’ve ever seen!! 😀 If it doesn’t get Oscars I will be disappointed… It was funny, sad and beautiful. Quite a lot of people watched it yesterday but it was not sold out.

We looked after Alec yesterday and mum called my sister who came with my niece Wilma. They went to the ice skating rink across the street and when they came home we ate some kind of soup with sausage in.

When I went to the cinema, with the bike, it was super-duper icy! 😦 I mean, it was impossible to even walk. You had to glide or skate forward, keeping both shoes on the ground all the time. It was kind of good to have a bike to hang on to, but it was of course no use having the bike. I could ride it a few hundred meters at most.

While I was at the cinema my brother and sister-in-law came for a visit. So Alec actually came twice to us yesterday. “Grandmum, I came back here again” he said.

Today my brother-in-law (Wilma’s dad) skied 52 kilometers! 🙂 They had a big ski race north of Vasa (actually at the same place where my nephew Jonas goes to school).

So mum and my sister, Wilma and my other nephew Rasmus went there to watch when he was skiing. They just got back.

Going to eat my favorite dinner down, macaronis and minced meat. It has been in the oven for an hour so it’s still very hot. I can’t eat it yet, but soon.

There’s been a storm last night and today. But I think it’s calmed down now.


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