No movie today :(

So, I waited and waited in town for the cinema to open at 2.30 pm. I went there the minute they opened and asked them if I could buy a ticket for Theory of Everything. “Oh sorry, the movie is broken. We can not show it today!”

I go to the cinema not more than 5 times a year, usually much less than that. And when I do want to watch a cinema movie, the movie is broken! đŸ˜¦ So I had to wait half an hour longer and take the bus home.

The man in the cinema asked if I wanted to watch one of the other movies showing at 3 pm. But no, thanks! Not interested…

They will get a new copy of the movie tomorrow, but I don’t know when I’ll see it. May be next week?


I guess I’ll have to figure out what to do to the granny square blanket now. Do I risk running out of yarn by making several more squares or do I throw the squares I’ve done in the garbage and start all over again with other colors? May be I can use some of the old squares to something else.


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