Kalevala day

Today is Kalevala day in Finland. Kalevala is the Finnish national saga. Here’s a link to the whole Kalevala in English:


It’s pretty boring, I have to admit. But take a look! 🙂 I have the book in Finnish but I don’t want to read it today.

Second to last day at the flea market. I have to go there soon and see how messy the table is. I lowered some of the prices yesterday so it will be interesting to see if they have been sold. Don’t think so.

Tonight Finland will choose its contestant to the Eurovision Song Contest. Don’t think I’ll watch. I’ll find out about it anyway tomorrow or late tonight.

Pretty strong winds, cloudy, no sun.

I am hungry. I need to eat something before I walk to the flea market.

Messy table

Two days now I have been visiting the flea market since I took the things there. Both times the table has been messy. I even found some clothes there that does not belong to me. So I have to go there every day. Today I brought some more things that I found in a drawer. I even took the granny square slippers with me. 🙂 If someone wants to buy them, then fine. I can make another pair. Or use the pair at the flea market if they are not sold.

I have calculated in my head that I have already sold for more than 24 euros, which was the fee for the table. So that’s good. 🙂 I think they have bought 9 or 10 DVDs.

Borrowed some movies from the library today, so I am going to see one of them tonight. But I haven’t decided which one yet.

On Monday I rented Michael Jackson’s “This Is It” DVD from the movie rental store. And on Mondays and Tuesdays you get to rent two movies for the price of one with the club card. So I rented “The King’s Speech” too. I think “The King’s Speech” got some Oscars some years ago. It was a good movie. Several Harry Potter actor where there too (Michael Gambon, Timothy Spall, Helena Bonham-Carter). Colin Firth was the duke/king, Geoffrey Rush was the therapist that helped the king with his speeches.

Early morning

So, the alarm clock woke me up at 3.30 am! I watched the whole Oscars show (not the red carpet, just the actual awards). The guy who hosted it was pretty good. 🙂

How nice with all the Sound of Music songs and Julie Andrews who came on stage afterwards. 😀

And best of all, an Oscar to Eddie!!! He was BRILLIANT as Stephen Hawking in the movie! 😀

I have never heard about Birdman which got so many Oscars. Never heard of that Budapest Hotel either, nor hardly any of the other movies that got awards… The LEGO song was funny! 🙂 And those LEGO Oscar statues! Lucky those who got them. 😉

I think the awards ended around 7 am. I went back to bed after that and woke up around 8.30 am.

Well, less than three hours until I have to be at the flea market. I have repacked, so now I have a backpack and two plastic bags.

Also need to get a new leather strap for my wrist watch. I don’t know why, but during the night it broke! 😦 The tiny little metal tube that connects the strap to the actually clock is missing. I’m sure it was there last night when I took the watch off…

And I need to go somewhere else too. Now that I am unemployed I have to fill in applications so I can get a little money each month. I could do it online too, but I tried yesterday and I didn’t understand all the questions. 😦 So it’s better to go there in person and ask them what I am supposed to write… Why do all the official documents and authorities use so difficult language? Don’t they understand that normal people don’t understand what they are talking about?

So, lots of things to do today. If I could just get rid of my annoying hiccups too… I hate hiccups! They are so irritating. I must try and drink water. May be that helps. Or holding my breath for a while.

Flea market

Ugh, I needed a break! It’s hard work writing “tons” of price tags and taping them on magazines, DVDs, books and all sort of stuff… But I’m almost done. May be I’ll find some last minute stuff to sell tomorrow if I dig through the closet and desk drawers. But I am pretty happy with what I have right now.

But I have to get all the things to the flea market tomorrow and that won’t be easy. I guess I’ll take a backpack and a few plastic bags and put them on the bike. I tried cycling today and it went okay, but it was still pretty icy on some parts of the streets, so I had to walk with the bike at times.

The flea market opens at noon. So I have to be there then. I am selling just one week. March 1st I’ll have to go and take the unsold things back. But I have to go there every day of the week, because the flea market customers don’t care anything about the tables. They just throw the things back on the table and it’s usually a mess. Sometimes they might take an item and walk with it. Then they change their mind and just put the item on the closest table they can find. So I might think that I have sold an item, but it might be somewhere else in the flea market. The customers should be kind and return the items they changed their mind about to the correct table, but they are too lazy to do that. Or they simply don’t care about doing it!

Anyway, I am going to bed early tonight. Because I am waking up very early in the morning! The Oscars show starts at 3.30 am! At least the TV show start at that time. I don’t know when they actually start handing out the awards. But I want to watch it live this year. I hope “Theory of Everything” will get some awards at least, but usually when I want a movie to get an award it doesn’t happen… So we’ll see.

Fernando Alonso crashed his McLaren today. 😦 I haven’t seen any footage of the crash but apparently there was something strange about it. I will see if I can find more information about it tomorrow. He was taken in helicopter to the hospital, but the team say he’s pretty much okay. Awake and talking at least.

The Outsider

Tonight I went to the Finnish theater in town to watch a weird/odd/hard-to-explain show with a single man performing about 40 roles… :O The audience got a little plastic bottle and towards the end of the show (just over one hour) the whole audience where blowing soap bubbles! 😀 They also had several soap bubble machines going on stage, so the whole room was filled with soap bubbles. 🙂 We also got showered with gold confetti. Once they shot long strings of golden paper to make it look like fireworks and in the end of the show they shot out a huge amount of small pieces of golden papers. 🙂 Poor people who have to clean up the mess!

But it was great fun! It was an alien who visited earth… “Michael Jackson” sang a song on stage at one point. 😉 He even moon walked! The man performing didn’t talk at all, just a few times when he was a news reporter etc. There were some songs too. “My heart will go on” (The Titanic song with Celine Dion). During that song he had a little airplane flying over the heads in the audience!

You can check the guy’s website http://www.theoutsider.fi and see a trailer. It’s difficult to describe the show.

It was pretty cold today. -8 C right now I think.

Made a few granny squares today. But going to bed now because it’s getting late.

Theory of Everything – again

Yesterday (Saturday) I went to the cinema. 🙂 This time the movie worked fine (last time I went there, on Wednesday, they said that the film was broken so they could not show it). It was super good! One of the best movies I’ve ever seen!! 😀 If it doesn’t get Oscars I will be disappointed… It was funny, sad and beautiful. Quite a lot of people watched it yesterday but it was not sold out.

We looked after Alec yesterday and mum called my sister who came with my niece Wilma. They went to the ice skating rink across the street and when they came home we ate some kind of soup with sausage in.

When I went to the cinema, with the bike, it was super-duper icy! 😦 I mean, it was impossible to even walk. You had to glide or skate forward, keeping both shoes on the ground all the time. It was kind of good to have a bike to hang on to, but it was of course no use having the bike. I could ride it a few hundred meters at most.

While I was at the cinema my brother and sister-in-law came for a visit. So Alec actually came twice to us yesterday. “Grandmum, I came back here again” he said.

Today my brother-in-law (Wilma’s dad) skied 52 kilometers! 🙂 They had a big ski race north of Vasa (actually at the same place where my nephew Jonas goes to school).

So mum and my sister, Wilma and my other nephew Rasmus went there to watch when he was skiing. They just got back.

Going to eat my favorite dinner down, macaronis and minced meat. It has been in the oven for an hour so it’s still very hot. I can’t eat it yet, but soon.

There’s been a storm last night and today. But I think it’s calmed down now.

Granny square slippers


Last night I used 12 granny squares (6 for each foot) to make these slippers. They were pretty easy to stitch together. 🙂

They could have been a little bigger, but I can still use them and they will probably stretch a little when I have worn them for some time.

I can use 20 granny squares for the new version of the blanket. 12 squares I used for the slippers and I guess I’ll throw the rest away or save them in case I figure out what to do with them. I have now some new color combinations that I will use instead. They are colors that should be in stores for several months, so I won’t run out of yarn at least.