Horrible weather :(

It’s dark, stormy, cold, very rainy, very icy streets… No fun. 😦 I am going out with the dog soon. He needs to go out one more time tonight.

But I have a head ache. 😦 The dog didn’t let me sleep much last night. I hope he is kinder this night. May be if he is getting used to the idea that I have to sleep here several nights.

Haven’t been home today at all. Mum and K came here in the morning and drove me to the library and then I took the bus here in the afternoon after work. I didn’t get here until 6.30 pm. Then I took the dog out for a walk, went inside and gave him food. Then I had to go back out in the rain to the grocery store to get some food for me too. I didn’t have a chance to eat until 7.30 pm. By that time I was tired, cold, wet and hungry…

I’ll take a shower tomorrow when I go home for a few hours.

I wish the rain could stop anyway. The dog gets wet and dirty when we are out and then he rubs his back on the carpet to get clean, even if I dry him up a bit with an old towel.

My brother in law posted a picture on Facebook. It was some kind of drink with a lime wedge, all summery and warm it looked with a palm tree in the background… 😦 Wish I was there instead of here! Don’t know what temperatures they have, but at least they have it warmer than I have!


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