No more work

I worked the last day yesterday. 😦 Now I am unemployed again. Well, technically my contract ends on Saturday, but I have a few days off work, so yesterday was the last day.

I guess I’ll have to start looking for other kinds of jobs, but there aren’t many jobs in this towns that I could apply for. I don’t have the right education.

Going to the employment agency on Monday to see what they have to say.

It rained yesterday and was +2 C so the snow started melting. It rained this morning too but now it’s a little snow. Still, it’s slushy and wet on the streets. Just came home from the local library where I borrowed some books.

Working today

Ugh, waking up at 6 am on a Saturday. 😦 I would like to go back to sleep. But I am working today. Don’t know when the bus leaves. May be around 8 am? In the afternoon I have to wait pretty long for the next bus to come, about an hour.

Just waiting for Kimi Raikkonen and his Minttu to have their baby… Ferrari said it would happen “any day now”. But still no baby.

Going to read the newspaper now.

When I get home in the afternoon I’ll watch a movie and go through my cross stitching stuff. I know I have bookmarks in some box and I want to move them to my collection of bookmarks.

Might start crocheting something small too.

Exploding lightbulb…



The lightbulb in my lamp in the ceiling exploded when I turned the light on! 😮 There was a BOOM! and then the little grey thingy (don’t know what they are called in English and too lazy to check the dictionary…) removed the electricity in my room and in the living room. I realized it was gone in the living room too when I tried to turn on the computer and nothing happened.

We had several of those grey things in the drawer, but only one was the correct voltage (?). All the others were too strong. So K changed the only one we had and we got the electricity back to the two rooms.

Now mum and K went to a supermarket to get more grey things (in case more lightbulbs explode in the future…) and to get new lightbulbs for the lamp in my room. I didn’t know I had to have three lightbulbs. Only one exploded, but I guess it’s better to get rid of all three at the same time. And these were regular lightbulbs that I don’t think are sold anymore in the shops. So mum and K have to find some LED lights or whatever. I don’t know much about lights and electricity and things like that…

Anyway, Christmas is over. Almost all the decorations are gone for this time. We only have some red curtains in the kitchen and some red table cloths here and there. I will remove my star from the window later today.

The Christmas tree died in an instant on January 6th! 😦 Like all of a sudden thousands of needles fell of the tree. Even some baubles fell off to the floor because the branches started hanging down. And before mum and K had removed all the baubles and lights and glitter and everything else there wasn’t much left of the tree. They threw it out off the balcony to the ground, and when K drag it to the rubbish bins it was pretty much empty, no needles left.

I came home just after they had thrown it out and mum showed me a plastic bag full of needles from the tree. She had of course also vacuumed a lot of needles.

It’s -13 degrees Celsius now and the wind is pretty strong so I am sure it feels much colder than that. I thought I’d go to the flea market, but I don’t know. I wanted to go to the big flea market, but it’s so cold and windy. May be I’ll go to the little one close to home. We’ll see.

Mum threw up several times during the night between Friday and Saturday. And on Saturday she pretty much stayed in bed all day. I hope I don’t get the vomiting disease too. 😦 I DON’T WANT IT!!! It’s yucky! I could feel just a little stomach ache a while ago, so I hope it doesn’t get worse than that. But I very rarely vomit even if other people in the house do.

I’ll finish a cross stitched bookmark today and probably start on another one.

Home sweet home

I am looking forward to sleeping in my own bed for the first time in a week! 😀 My sister’s family left for Gran Canaria on January 1st and I had to sleep in their house the whole week looking after the dog, Albin.

Now they are back home again, and so am I. 🙂

I will soon change the bed sheets in my bed. I found new bed sheets on the sale last week, so I have never used them before. I have unpacked the bags. But I have to clear away all the stuff I have on my bed before I can change the sheets.

The bus was late today. 😦 The bus came to the market square four minutes after the bus going to my part of the town left. Usually it should come to the market square at least 5-10 minutes before the second bus leaves, so that there is enough time to change to another bus.

It was pretty wet and slushy on the streets, +2 degrees. I had to wait almost an hour for the next bus. I ate a pizza while I was waiting. 🙂

So nice to be home with the cat again. 🙂

I need to change the bed sheets now and then I may be have time for a little cross stitching before going to bed.

Horrible weather :(

It’s dark, stormy, cold, very rainy, very icy streets… No fun. 😦 I am going out with the dog soon. He needs to go out one more time tonight.

But I have a head ache. 😦 The dog didn’t let me sleep much last night. I hope he is kinder this night. May be if he is getting used to the idea that I have to sleep here several nights.

Haven’t been home today at all. Mum and K came here in the morning and drove me to the library and then I took the bus here in the afternoon after work. I didn’t get here until 6.30 pm. Then I took the dog out for a walk, went inside and gave him food. Then I had to go back out in the rain to the grocery store to get some food for me too. I didn’t have a chance to eat until 7.30 pm. By that time I was tired, cold, wet and hungry…

I’ll take a shower tomorrow when I go home for a few hours.

I wish the rain could stop anyway. The dog gets wet and dirty when we are out and then he rubs his back on the carpet to get clean, even if I dry him up a bit with an old towel.

My brother in law posted a picture on Facebook. It was some kind of drink with a lime wedge, all summery and warm it looked with a palm tree in the background… 😦 Wish I was there instead of here! Don’t know what temperatures they have, but at least they have it warmer than I have!

New Year

Mum and K went to the Finnish theater in town to watch a play about a Finnish musician. Alec was here and he left at 8.15 pm. We played a board game three times while we waited for Alec’s mum to come.

Then I “predicted” my future by melting horse shoes and throwing the metal in a bucket of cold water. You are supposed to look at the renewed form of the metal and see what will happen in the coming year… If you think it looks like a boat it might mean you are going to do a boat trip. Well, I have no idea what my piece of metal looks like this year, so I don’t know what’s gonna happened.

After that I watched the black and white comedy “Dinner for one”. It only takes 15 minutes.

At 9 pm I boiled some sausages and ate them with potato salad. Don’t ask me why Finns eat sausages and potato salad on New Year’s eve, but many do.

After that I pretty much cross stitched the rest of the evening. I finished one bookmark and started on a new one. I also made two more bookmarks, which I printed out from the computer and colored a bit, before covering them with plastic.

At midnight? Well, I cross stitched. Then I went to the living room to wish my cat Niki a happy new year and well, I was in bed and asleep at 15 minutes past midnight. 🙂

Mum and K came home around 10 pm. They ate sausages and potato salad too, and then they watched TV. They went to bed shortly before 1 am I think.

The streets were very icy so no one wanted to go outside and watch fireworks. Mum and K stood on the balcony watching some fireworks after midnight. But I just took a quick glance from the kitchen window.

I went to the library earlier in the day and almost fell on my butt because it was so incredibly icy! But I managed to stay on my feet.

Grand mum was here earlier today. She just went home.

My sister’s family is now on the airport. The plane leaves in one hour. They are going to the Canary Islands, coming home on January 8th. It takes around 7 hours on the plane, so they will arrive during the night.

I have to go soon. I guess the dog need some dinner soon. I won’t be home tomorrow, because I am working from 10 am to 5 pm and before I’m at my sis’s house it will be more like 6.30 pm. Don’t know how I’ll get myself to work tomorrow… It’s a long way to the market square. I can’t walk all the way. I guess I’ll take the bicycle with me when I go soon, but if the streets are still icy I can’t go with the bike tomorrow, not even to the market square.

I have already a bag full of stuff at the dog’s house. So I don’t need to take that much with me today. But a plastic bag with yoghurts and a few other things I need. No stores are open today.