Christmas tree!




Before and after pics of the tree. First, me and Alec went to the local market square to buy the tree. Mum took a picture from the balcony. They wrapped the tree in a net so it would be easier to transport.

The second picture shows the tree before we started decorating and the third picture shows the tree fully decorated and ready with glitter, baubles, electric candles, chocolate balls and hard candy (those long colorful sticks). In January we get to eat the chocolate balls and the hard candy when we throw the tree out. 🙂

The cat was a little scared at first when we took the tree in. But then he got curious and wanted to sniff the tree. I hope he doesn’t start boxing with the baubles tonight or eat the glitter. But he usually don’t do that.

Every year mum tries to convince me that we should have a plastic tree. But she can dream about that. I want a real tree! With needles falling down and everything. I don’t want a plastic tree that you store in a box 11 months a year and then it looks identical year after year.

Yesterday there was a mixture of rain and snow and it was wet and slushy on the streets. Luckily it got slightly better in the evening. Mum met me in town after I finished working, we ate at Subway and bought some Christmas gifts. Today it’s a little icy and uneven on the streets with all the slushy stuff frozen again and a little more snow on top of that.


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