Lots of gingerbreads!



133 gingerbreads this year! 😀

But that is less than my sister’s, who made 142 gingerbreads… Oh well, it depends on the size of the cookies. I guess we had some bigger ones.

It was a sunny day and the snow that came last night is going to stay for Christmas! 😀 The weather people promised that so they better keep their promise!!

Last night I had to walk home from work because there was lots and lots of big wet snow flakes. I had the bicycle with me but I could not ride it home. It was too much snow on the ground.

Tomorrow I am going back to my regular work for the first time in several weeks… But the library is still closed for the customers. The libraries open on Monday next week.

All gifts wrapped and ready. 😀 Well, the cat will get a little more food, but I’ll buy that closer to Christmas.


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