Rainy, dark, strong winds, cold… 😦 No fun walking to town, looking for a gingerbread house that was sold out in all stores in the center of Vasa! Damn it, we always have a gingerbread house for Christmas (you buy a package of pieces of a house and then “glue” it together with icing or melted sugar) Our last chance is my sister’s family if they go to a market outside of town and find a gingerbread house there. We could also get a house already stacked and decorated, but I will get that only if we really don’t get one to glue and decorate.

Still don’t have any Christmas tree either. I’ll go see if they have one on the local market square on Saturday. Alec wanted to come with me and get the tree, because he did it last year too. He already told my brother he is going with me to get the tree. 🙂

I have the gifts already, most of them. Just need to wrap them.

Tomorrow I am working in the main library from 1.30 pm to 8 pm.

Going to take a warm shower now.


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