Independence Day



Happy 97th Birthday to Finland! 😀

It rained pretty much earlier in the day, but now the sun is shining. Well, it will soon be sunset but at least there are not many clouds in the sky anymore.

Going to bake some ginger breads with Alec in a while, once the frozen dough has softened. I might go to the market square at 5 pm to listen to the male choirs singing at the statue. But I am not yet 100 % sure I will go. We’ll see.

I went to a christmas market at a school earlier in the day. But it was cold and rainy and windy when I went there with the bicycle so at the moment I don’t really feel like going outside again, standing around 30 minutes on a dark, cold market square. But I usually go to the market square, so may be I change my mind when the gingerbreads are done.

The picture of the lion is old. The picture of the candles is from last year. It’s tradition to have two white-blue candles in the window between 6 and 7 pm. We’ll have it this year too. Apparently there was some snow last year (it looks like snow on the window). There’s not a single snow flake on the ground this year…

I remember one year when there was huge piles of snow on the independence day. When I was young we got snow in October or November and it stayed until March or April. Now it’s snowing a few days now and then and the snow melts after one or a few days. We are lucky if we get snow on Christmas… Global warming? I miss the cold winters with lots of snow for months… 😦


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