Christmas decorations



I liked my red paper star that I’ve had in my window for several years around this time of the year. But this year I had to get an other one. The red star was in a pretty bad condition and the light bulb didn’t work either. So I decided to get a new star. This one is metal and I think smaller than the red one, but it shines bright. I will have it in my window until sometime in January.

The garland I made the other day. It’s now hanging on the door to my bedroom. The base of the garland is a very long crocheted chain. I didn’t count them, but I guess it’s probably over 1000 chain stitches. At least several hundreds… I wrapped the chain tightly around a styrofoam ring and then wrapped the ribbon around the ring too.

I bought a cute little white teddy bear key ring and removed the metal parts. Then I made a red scarf and a red santa hat with felt and cotton. I also made a little gift which I stitched between his paws. I glued the teddy bear onto the ring.

I will carefully store the garland after Christmas so I can use it next year too. 🙂

It was a bit cold and the winds are pretty strong today. But no snow. The grass is green…

Going to read a book now.


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