A dark and rainy day. 😦 It rained quite a lot tonight when I went home from work. The snow is melting so the streets are icy, slushy with lots of water. Lucky for me there are two umbrellas at work that can be borrowed if needed. So I took one umbrella. Must remember to return it on Friday.

I have a day off from work tomorrow because I worked last Saturday. And the library is of course closed on January 1st. So I’ll have two days off now. 🙂

January will begin with a week in my sister’s house… The whole family is going away so I have to live there and look after the dog, Albin. I think they leave January 1st and return January 8th.

Now I’ll cross stitch a bookmark and then go to bed.

Christmas tree!




Before and after pics of the tree. First, me and Alec went to the local market square to buy the tree. Mum took a picture from the balcony. They wrapped the tree in a net so it would be easier to transport.

The second picture shows the tree before we started decorating and the third picture shows the tree fully decorated and ready with glitter, baubles, electric candles, chocolate balls and hard candy (those long colorful sticks). In January we get to eat the chocolate balls and the hard candy when we throw the tree out. 🙂

The cat was a little scared at first when we took the tree in. But then he got curious and wanted to sniff the tree. I hope he doesn’t start boxing with the baubles tonight or eat the glitter. But he usually don’t do that.

Every year mum tries to convince me that we should have a plastic tree. But she can dream about that. I want a real tree! With needles falling down and everything. I don’t want a plastic tree that you store in a box 11 months a year and then it looks identical year after year.

Yesterday there was a mixture of rain and snow and it was wet and slushy on the streets. Luckily it got slightly better in the evening. Mum met me in town after I finished working, we ate at Subway and bought some Christmas gifts. Today it’s a little icy and uneven on the streets with all the slushy stuff frozen again and a little more snow on top of that.

Lots of gingerbreads!



133 gingerbreads this year! 😀

But that is less than my sister’s, who made 142 gingerbreads… Oh well, it depends on the size of the cookies. I guess we had some bigger ones.

It was a sunny day and the snow that came last night is going to stay for Christmas! 😀 The weather people promised that so they better keep their promise!!

Last night I had to walk home from work because there was lots and lots of big wet snow flakes. I had the bicycle with me but I could not ride it home. It was too much snow on the ground.

Tomorrow I am going back to my regular work for the first time in several weeks… But the library is still closed for the customers. The libraries open on Monday next week.

All gifts wrapped and ready. 😀 Well, the cat will get a little more food, but I’ll buy that closer to Christmas.


Rainy, dark, strong winds, cold… 😦 No fun walking to town, looking for a gingerbread house that was sold out in all stores in the center of Vasa! Damn it, we always have a gingerbread house for Christmas (you buy a package of pieces of a house and then “glue” it together with icing or melted sugar) Our last chance is my sister’s family if they go to a market outside of town and find a gingerbread house there. We could also get a house already stacked and decorated, but I will get that only if we really don’t get one to glue and decorate.

Still don’t have any Christmas tree either. I’ll go see if they have one on the local market square on Saturday. Alec wanted to come with me and get the tree, because he did it last year too. He already told my brother he is going with me to get the tree. 🙂

I have the gifts already, most of them. Just need to wrap them.

Tomorrow I am working in the main library from 1.30 pm to 8 pm.

Going to take a warm shower now.

Independence Day



Happy 97th Birthday to Finland! 😀

It rained pretty much earlier in the day, but now the sun is shining. Well, it will soon be sunset but at least there are not many clouds in the sky anymore.

Going to bake some ginger breads with Alec in a while, once the frozen dough has softened. I might go to the market square at 5 pm to listen to the male choirs singing at the statue. But I am not yet 100 % sure I will go. We’ll see.

I went to a christmas market at a school earlier in the day. But it was cold and rainy and windy when I went there with the bicycle so at the moment I don’t really feel like going outside again, standing around 30 minutes on a dark, cold market square. But I usually go to the market square, so may be I change my mind when the gingerbreads are done.

The picture of the lion is old. The picture of the candles is from last year. It’s tradition to have two white-blue candles in the window between 6 and 7 pm. We’ll have it this year too. Apparently there was some snow last year (it looks like snow on the window). There’s not a single snow flake on the ground this year…

I remember one year when there was huge piles of snow on the independence day. When I was young we got snow in October or November and it stayed until March or April. Now it’s snowing a few days now and then and the snow melts after one or a few days. We are lucky if we get snow on Christmas… Global warming? I miss the cold winters with lots of snow for months… 😦

Christmas decorations



I liked my red paper star that I’ve had in my window for several years around this time of the year. But this year I had to get an other one. The red star was in a pretty bad condition and the light bulb didn’t work either. So I decided to get a new star. This one is metal and I think smaller than the red one, but it shines bright. I will have it in my window until sometime in January.

The garland I made the other day. It’s now hanging on the door to my bedroom. The base of the garland is a very long crocheted chain. I didn’t count them, but I guess it’s probably over 1000 chain stitches. At least several hundreds… I wrapped the chain tightly around a styrofoam ring and then wrapped the ribbon around the ring too.

I bought a cute little white teddy bear key ring and removed the metal parts. Then I made a red scarf and a red santa hat with felt and cotton. I also made a little gift which I stitched between his paws. I glued the teddy bear onto the ring.

I will carefully store the garland after Christmas so I can use it next year too. 🙂

It was a bit cold and the winds are pretty strong today. But no snow. The grass is green…

Going to read a book now.