It’s a little snow on the ground. 🙂 But much, much less than they apparently have in the US… 😉 It rained a little in the afternoon, but it turned to snow while I was in the main library looking for books.

I have a sore throat today and a little cough and a slight headache too. 😦 I better take some medicine before I go to bed, because I really don’t need a cold now. I have to work on Saturday, so I can’t get any illness now.

I have borrowed six Swedish DVDs from the library. I watched the first one today. It was okay. Nothing special though. May be the others are better.

Yesterday I watched another Swedish DVD based on the book by Lars Kepler, the Hypnotist. That was pretty gross. Very graphic images of the corpses. But still better than the movie I watched today.

The cat is snoring on the couch behind me. He is very long when he stretches out his body. 😉

So nice to hear that Jules Bianchi has been moved to France, although he is still unconscious. 🙂 It’s a step in the right direction!

The final GP of the season on Sunday! In Abu Dhabi… Ferrari has already confirmed Raikkonen and Vettel as its drivers next season! 😀 I hope Rosberg wins the world championship, but I think Hamilton will win.


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