Wet, wet, wet…

Horrible weather tonight! HORRIBLE!! Snow, strong winds. Wet, heavy snow that blows hard in your face and it feels like a hundred needles when the snowflakes hit your face. 😦 I took the bicycle to town before lunch, because I didn’t have time to walk. I then took the bus from the market square to work. By the time I was done working, there was this bad snowstorm going on. I had to walk home in the blizzard, with the bike…

I was wet all over. The winter shoes, the socks, the mittens. I got snow and water in my eyes, which made me see nothing. (Because I couldn’t open my eyes with so much water and snow. It hurt.) I had to stop at least ten times to try and wipe my face (which wasn’t easy with wet mittens, wet hands, wet jacket sleeves, wet everything…) And my glasses got covered in raindrops and snow too. So the few minutes I didn’t have anything in my eyes, I could barely see through my glasses. 😦

It was dark, cold, wet, wet, wet, stormy, snowy. Took me at least 45 minutes walking home from town. All I wanted was to get home and watch Swedish Hollywood wives on TV. Luckily I was home before that and I had just enough time to remove all the wet clothes (luckily I had the rain coat and rain trousers at least, because it was a bit rainy in the morning, so my jeans and T-shirt was pretty dry).

I hope my clothes are dry tomorrow morning, but I doubt that my winter shoes are going to be dry, because they were really wet.

I better get some sleep now. It’s 11.30 pm, almost midnight and I have to be at work tomorrow morning. I will probably take the bus tomorrow. But we’ll see. I guess all the snow that came tonight will be mostly gone tomorrow and all will just be slushy and wet. I guess I’ll have to take my wellington boots… Then at least I will have dry socks…


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