Christmas markets




It’s Christmas opening on the market square today. Fireworks at 5 pm. But I don’t feel like going. I went earlier today to watch the Christmas market that they had on the square. I met a Santa Claus on the square and got a piece of chocolate. 🙂 Also went to the ice hockey team Vaasan Sport’s shop where they had free glögg (a warm Christmas drink) and ginger bread for the visitors. I bought a black t-shirt, with the words “Hockey Team Sport” in red and white. Even before that I took the bus to a large indoor sports arena outside of town where they had a large Christmas market too. Over 200 people selling things. It took a couple of hours walking around looking at all the things they had there.

I bought the indoor shoes in the picture. 🙂 Sheep’s wool. Warm and thick and nice! Now my feet will not be cold this winter.

I think I took the picture of Niki sleeping on mum’s bed yesterday. The other, where he is lying on the couch, is taken today, a little while ago.

It’s what’s called “Little Christmas” today. I might put up a large red paper star in my window tonight.

A long day

Ok, just what I don’t need… A cold, with running nose, coughing and a general feeling of tiredness. And a working day. The buses only go once every second hour on Saturdays, so I have to walk to town soon. The bus starts at 8 am which is a little too early, as the library opens 10 am. I close at 3 pm and then have to wait until 4 pm for the bus to come! 😦 Then I probably have to walk home from the town too in the afternoon, because I don’t think there will be any bus driving in the right direction around the time when I get there.

The last F1 weekend. Still haven’t watched anything. I guess I’ll just watch the GP tomorrow then.

There’s snow on the ground, probably covering the ice on the streets. Have to walk carefully.


It’s a little snow on the ground. 🙂 But much, much less than they apparently have in the US… 😉 It rained a little in the afternoon, but it turned to snow while I was in the main library looking for books.

I have a sore throat today and a little cough and a slight headache too. 😦 I better take some medicine before I go to bed, because I really don’t need a cold now. I have to work on Saturday, so I can’t get any illness now.

I have borrowed six Swedish DVDs from the library. I watched the first one today. It was okay. Nothing special though. May be the others are better.

Yesterday I watched another Swedish DVD based on the book by Lars Kepler, the Hypnotist. That was pretty gross. Very graphic images of the corpses. But still better than the movie I watched today.

The cat is snoring on the couch behind me. He is very long when he stretches out his body. 😉

So nice to hear that Jules Bianchi has been moved to France, although he is still unconscious. 🙂 It’s a step in the right direction!

The final GP of the season on Sunday! In Abu Dhabi… Ferrari has already confirmed Raikkonen and Vettel as its drivers next season! 😀 I hope Rosberg wins the world championship, but I think Hamilton will win.

Christmas carols

I’ve got a big pile of CDs with Christmas music that I’ve borrowed from the library. 😀 I got 19 CDs. So far I’ve listened to five and a half of them. I’ll finish the sixth CD tonight before going to bed. At the same time I’m cross stitching a little card. Two birds on a tree branch eating hay.

Too bad we don’t have any snow. 😦 I hope some comes before Christmas. I hate snowless Christmases. That’s the one day of the year when it should definitely be snow on the ground.

Nice that it’s Friday. Two days off. And I am hoping that I will not do much else than reading books, cross stitching and crocheting. But we’ll see. You never know what happens.

Last weekend I spend with my sister’s dog, Albin. Two nights I slept in her house. I have no plans for this weekend.



The temperatures stayed around 0 or a few minus degrees today, so we got to keep the snow that came last night. 🙂 But it was very icy on the streets and difficult to walk. I had to take the wellington boots, so I had to be extra careful. But I walked along the edge of the streets where there was some soft snow, so I didn’t fall or anything. But my feet were a little cold even if I had some knitted socks in the boots.

I suppose my winter shoes are dry now so I can use them tomorrow.

Yesterday (I forgot to write) I got the 2015 wall calendar that I made and ordered online! 😀 It’s a slightly different design from the 2014 calendar, but I still used a lot of my own pictures. Lots of pictures of the cat, of course. 😉

Better go to bed. It’s getting late. (The picture I took of the cat tonight. He has some furless spots because he always get tangles that need to be removed once a year. He freaks out when he sees a comb… Now he is tangle free and the fur has started growing back.)

Wet, wet, wet…

Horrible weather tonight! HORRIBLE!! Snow, strong winds. Wet, heavy snow that blows hard in your face and it feels like a hundred needles when the snowflakes hit your face. 😦 I took the bicycle to town before lunch, because I didn’t have time to walk. I then took the bus from the market square to work. By the time I was done working, there was this bad snowstorm going on. I had to walk home in the blizzard, with the bike…

I was wet all over. The winter shoes, the socks, the mittens. I got snow and water in my eyes, which made me see nothing. (Because I couldn’t open my eyes with so much water and snow. It hurt.) I had to stop at least ten times to try and wipe my face (which wasn’t easy with wet mittens, wet hands, wet jacket sleeves, wet everything…) And my glasses got covered in raindrops and snow too. So the few minutes I didn’t have anything in my eyes, I could barely see through my glasses. 😦

It was dark, cold, wet, wet, wet, stormy, snowy. Took me at least 45 minutes walking home from town. All I wanted was to get home and watch Swedish Hollywood wives on TV. Luckily I was home before that and I had just enough time to remove all the wet clothes (luckily I had the rain coat and rain trousers at least, because it was a bit rainy in the morning, so my jeans and T-shirt was pretty dry).

I hope my clothes are dry tomorrow morning, but I doubt that my winter shoes are going to be dry, because they were really wet.

I better get some sleep now. It’s 11.30 pm, almost midnight and I have to be at work tomorrow morning. I will probably take the bus tomorrow. But we’ll see. I guess all the snow that came tonight will be mostly gone tomorrow and all will just be slushy and wet. I guess I’ll have to take my wellington boots… Then at least I will have dry socks…