Hair cut


I had a day off from work today! 😀 Because I worked last Saturday. Went and got myself a hair cut among other things. The hairdresser took about 13 centimeters. I can still have the hair in a pony tail.

I really liked watching “The Butler” on DVD tonight. 🙂 I borrowed it and other movies from the library the other day.

Still no TLC. 😦 But the company that sells the TV channels are innocent. Discovery in the US needs to do something with a signal in order for the channel to show up again. I really didn’t understand much of what the salesperson said…

Last night I went to the cinema! 🙂 I watched a Swedish-Finnish movie called “Vadelmavenepakolainen” in Finnish, “Hallonbåtsflyktingen” in Swedish. It was pretty funny! 🙂 They talked both Finnish and Swedish throughout the movie.

They talked about a snowstorm coming tonight! 😦 Strong winds and snow tomorrow. No fun at all… I am sure I’ll take the bus to work.

About the picture of the cat in the bed… Well, I just thought I’d put a picture of him today. 🙂

Going to read a little before going to bed.


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