Work today

It’s been a long week for me in the library. 6 days of work. I was there from 9 am to 3.15 pm today. It’s nice to be home now. As soon as I have washed the dishes I can relax, read books and watch some TV/DVDs and do other things.

My poor cat has had to stay home alone so many hours every day this week. But mum comes home from Sweden tomorrow evening, so now the cat doesn’t need to be alone anymore.

They are expecting lots of rain tomorrow. 😦 It rained a little today too, but it stopped in the afternoon before I went home.

Kimi Raikkonen turned 35 years yesterday! 😀 He is getting old. 😉 The oldest F1 driver at the moment. He has been talking recently about driving one more year and MAY BE one year after that too. If he does, he will be 37 and still driving F1!


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